I'm so grateful you have found your way here beautiful soul sibling. 

You have found your way to this website for a reason. Everything is part of a greater plan. You may be feeling stuck, alone or stagnant. I want you to know you are not alone, I have been right where you are before. 

You are  being pushed out of the way you have been living your life, it is because you are ascending, awakening and becoming more aware of your truest self. Sometimes this is very uncomfortable!

I am here to guide you and empower you through this transformative time within your life! 

Hey lovey, I'm Rachael! 

For as long as I can remember I have always had this deep knowingness that my purpose on Earth was never to "blend in". That who I incarnated as, was not a small role to play. 

Once I discovered my soul gifts, and the healing modalities I was created with I started to lean into them and wow did my outer reality transform! My life became an experience that I am excited for in every single moment!

So here I am! Living my soul purpose by empowering & guiding souls to process their pain and embody their power using the energy and healing tools I have channeled through the Akashic Field & using the tangible techniques of Kundalini yoga & meditation! 

I realized that the soul gifts I was given in this lifetime offer incredible healing & transformational magic.

This is what I call Akashic Alchemy.   

My mission is to ignite, empower, heal & accept YOU, guiding you to liberate your soul and fully step into who you truly are. 

The Incredible Magic Within The Akashic Field & Shadow  Integration Work


Each soul in the world has an energetic file of soul information. This "soul file" is known as your Akashic Record. Essentially an energetic file of all of the experiences, emotions, lifetimes and soul information regarding YOU.

All of these energetic records are stored within "The Akashic Field".

Rachael uses the energy and information within the Akashic field & your akashic records to access information to guide and empower you to heal. Accepting your inner child and integrate your shadow self.

Many times within the spiritual journey souls forget this essential step within ascension. If you have been in your spiritual journey for sometime and you feel "stuck" or "stagnant" this is most likely a step that you have not focused, not made time to focus on or perhaps were unaware of. 


"Rachael has truly changed my life in so many ways, she is such a genuine and caring person. She has helped me so much, dealing with the loss of my mother and childhood traumas. Helping me to look within and discover the gifts the Universe has given me."  -Testimonial from a previous coaching client, retreater & Akashic Record Session Client


Rachael has many offers to work with her one-on-one including multiple coaching course, 1:1 sessions, as well as private opportunities for VIP coaching, and Rapid Coaching & Shadow Self Integration Sessions! If you would like more information about this private coaching offerings fill out the form below! 


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Step Into YOUR Power

Have you felt very stagnant lately despite behind deep within your spiritual awakening & ascension?? You may be missing a very important key to ascension: Shadow Integration! Luckily, this is exactly what Rachael was blessed with as a soul gift! Connect with Rachael, to begin working 1:1 together. The Unbound Soul Program may be the answer to your Spiritual stagnation. All of these offers will elevate & align you to living a life filled with unconditional love, abundance and excitement.


Private Coaching Offers & Opportunities


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