Imagine a heart-activating week of deep healing, magical connection, and energetic upgrades inspired by the cosmic call of your soul.


Jill Kline & Rachael Hilliard are SOO EXCITED to present to you

the Cosmic Homecoming a 5 Day 4 night Spiritual Wellness Retreat 


September 22nd-26th, 2021


Located in the magical vortex of Sedona, AZ

Embrace the experience of your soul feeling completely “at home”. When heart centered bringers of light gather together the growth, love & magic created is infinite.


Are you ready to tap into the Cosmic realm and embody the highest version of yourself? A week solely focused on your ascension, your inner healing, and the power of connecting the mind, body, and spirit.


Surrender to your soul and connect to your heart as we come together for spiritual practice, laughing, shifting, releasing, and a lighter way of being. Leave feeling aligned, tapped in and in-tune with the energy of your cosmic self.

 Immerse yourself in the uplifting company of like-hearted souls, as we come together to heal, grow, and connect. When we gather together in the vibration of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth our souls are seen, our hearts are recharged, and our purpose illuminated.


As we re-emerge into our multidimensional self, it’s imperative to create a new grounded foundation upon Earth, so we can open to our highest self with balance & ease.


Let this be your time to show up for you! Receive the support that is meant for you through meditation, celestial teachings, calibration, ceremony & much more!


This retreat is created to empower you & hold space for while you dive deep within your ascension journey and connection to your cosmic self.






When you enter the expansive vortex of the Cosmic Homecoming Retreat you will experience:


  • Meditation
  • Reiki Healing
  • Energy Expansion
  • Breath Work
  • Cosmic Calibration
  • Galactic Transmissions & Attunement
  • Sacred Cosmic Ceremonies
  • Intentional Journaling + Reflecting
  • Cosmic Yoga
  • Sound healing
  • Kundalini
  • Organic Vegetarian Meals (Vegan + Raw Options)
  • Uplifting Community Of Like Hearted Souls
  • Sacred Experiences In Nature
  • Activations Through Energy Vortex’s
  • Cosmic Surprises Along the Way...


Tap into the magic laced within your spirit, rejuvenate your heart space, and raise your vibration empowering you to remember your true radiance. Embody your cosmic self and step more fully into your soul gifts.



The Retreat Space


The Cosmic Homecoming will be held in the magical vortex of Sedona, AZ. Nestled within an enchanting 5th Dimensional Spiritual Oasis & Ascension Portal. Created for individuals on a journey to be free as their True, Natural 'God Self'!


We will be immersed on private property secluded about 20 minutes from downtown Sedona. Rachael refers to the venue as “spiritual disneyland” and has appointed this destination as one of her favorite places on Earth! The Cosmic grounds have many things to offer each soul moving through their healing & ascension journey. There are many different sites and activities to explore outside in Mother Nature. The energy within the property is of the 5th Dimensional frequency and has even been a place of landing for Bashar’s ship!


The Chartres labyrinth (shown above) has 11 circuits with the center as the 12th step. Mastering the 12 levels of consciousness leads to completion of our journey. The labyrinth walker is the 13th element, bringing all levels into one. The walker transcends the consciousness of this reality and moves to a higher level of consciousness.


These magical grounds are filled with energy vortexs' and different energy wheels created to ascend your frequency and to expand your consciousness.

Daily Agenda Example


All Events Are Totally Optional & Outdoor Events Are Weather Permitting



Wednesday, Sep 22nd


 2:00-5:00 pm Arrival

Free Time + Exploring

Group Dinner

Welcome Ceremony

Group Labyrinth Walk

 Free Time & Rest



Thursday, Sep 23rd


Group Breakfast


Reiki Healing

Free Time + Exploring

Group Lunch

Higher Self Teaching + Experience

Group Share + Chat

Group Dinner

Free Time

Connection Circle + Mantra Healing

Group Labyrinth Walk



Friday, Sep 24th


Group Breakfast


Energy Expansion

Free Time

Group Lunch

 Cosmic Energy Calibration

Sound Healing

Group Dinner

Free Time + Exploring

Cosmic Self Teaching + Experience

Group Labyrinth Walk



Saturday, Sep 25th


Group Breakfast

Qigong Movement


Free Time + Exploring

Energy Share

Group Lunch

Partner Meditation

Group Chat + Share

Group Dinner

Soundbath + Reiki Integration Journey

Closing Fire Ceremony

 Group Labyrinth Walk



Sunday, Sep 26th


Group Breakfast

Free Time

Pack Up + Check Out





When You Enter The Sedona Vortex You Are Literally Transitioning From A 3 dimensional reality into a 5 dimensional experience! See the video below to catch this transition while Rachael was driving on site!



Questions & Answers


This 5 Day Retreat Is An Opportunity You Do Not Want To Miss!


Payment Plans Offered!


The Retreat Price Is Based Off Of Double Occupancy. If You Prefer Single Occupancy Reach Out To Rachael Via Email  [email protected]


Please Know All Payments Are NON-REFUNDABLE.

(If the facility has to cancel for any reason, they will refund payments. That is the only refundable scenario)


How Much Does The Retreat Cost?

Your payment includes:

  • Lodging
  • Accommodation
  • Meals (please bring your own snacks)
  • All Activities on retreat itinerary
  • Cosmic Gift Bag


Ticket Options:


** Full Price Pay In Full Ticket**


 If You Know You're In --> Sign Up Link Here!


** Full Price Payment Plan Ticket Option**

Deposit Of $999.00 

2 Payments Of $778.00

 If You Know You're Ready --> Sign Up Link Here!







What Are The Lodging Accommodations?

The retreat pricing is based off of double occupancy lodging. If you are wishing for single occupancy reach out Rachael via email (listed below) to check if that is available.

Each lodging accommodation has a beautifully renovated bathroom space to share with your roommate. You will either be in one of the "Galactic" glamping cabins or you will be in a room similar to a shared dorm accommodation. All of the lodging is absolutely beautiful and come with full AC!


What about traveling to the facility from the airport?

Travel to the venue from Phoenix Airport is about a 2 hour drive by vehicle (if you rent your own).

There is a shuttle service but it can take upwards of 3 hours one way as they deliver other passengers along the way. It is only $109 round trip which is very reasonable, but it takes roughly an hour longer to get there. (You will receive shuttle information in your email welcome packet closer to the retreat dates).

You can also fly into Flagstaff, AZ and rent a vehicle it is about an hour and 10 minute drive to Angel Valley.

We will also have a retreat FB page so if you would like to carpool with one another you can coordinate flights.

Any and all activities outside of the 5 day retreat itinerary are up to you to coordinate. This is NOT included in the retreat price or experience. It is suggested if you wish to experience the city of Sedona that you come a few days early or stay a few days after. Of course you would pay for this lodging. 


If I see something on the agenda I don't resonate with, will I have to do it?!

Of course not! This experience is for YOU. Listen to your heart and your body first. All things are optional! You are fully supported in whatever it is that you need.


What Do I Need To Bring?!

You will receive a solid itinerary before the month of September, as well as a emailed welcome packet with a packing list, directions to the venue, mantras that you may want to become aware of and anything else that Jill & Rachael believe is important to communicate to you! This is an opportunity for us to learn how to follow our heart and go with the flow.


Is There Wifi Service At The Facility?!

The Wifi service at the venue is very limited. You are able to check on your family & use Wifi by the office during your free time. The rest of the grounds you will have very spotty cell service. This is done in order to allow you to truly drop into your heart space and show up for YOU. There are also land lines to use to check-in with your family or to receive important calls.


High Vibe Food, No Alcohol, Smoking Or Substances...ughhh what?!

This venue and this specific retreat is created to heighten your vibrational frequency, ascend you into your highest self and empower you to show up for YOURSELF. The food that is served during this retreat is curated to do exactly that!

Most people think they will be eating twigs and berries when they read "Vegetarian, Vegan And Raw Food" and I want to help comfort you out of that way of thinking.. LOL The food served is very filling. They offer all 3 options of Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw. They serve pasta, bread, salad etc. The meals are always delicious and extremely filling!

If You Are A Snacker...Definitely bring your own snacks but NO MEAT PRODUCTS on the grounds are permitted.

Meat holds a very dense frequency and makes it VERY difficult to participate in energy work and ascension if you are eating this during the retreat.

If you have a special dietary need please email Rachael at [email protected] to receive clarity on accommodations.

Alcohol, Smoking or Substances Is ZERO tolerance at this facility. If you do not respect this you will be asked to leave immediately with NO refund.


What if I have more questions?!

Please feel free to reach out to Rachael or Jill via email [email protected] or [email protected] to get more information, once you have saved your spot you will be added to The Cosmic Homecoming Facebook page as well as the email list!



About Jill + Rachael



Meet Jill!


Jill is a Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive, bringing Reiki and Energy wisdom to students and clients in the Dallas area since 2004, and internationally since 2016.

With a focus on empowering individuals to trust the Life Force that flows through them, Jill guides people in recognizing the presence of their Spiritual Entourage (Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones Crossed Over) and teaches methods for communication.

As a Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist, she also helps clients understand the mind-body-spirit connection, helping them to find balance as Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

Meet Rachael!


Rachael is a Multidimensional Mentor, Akashic Healer, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Galactic Channeler and so much more! Rachael works with higher dimensional energies & beings to empower and align cosmic souls within their human experience. By combining her cosmic connection, soul gifts, the magic of Kundalini, energy readings Rachael is able to consciously hold space & elevate all souls wherever they may be within their spiritual journey.

Hosting soulful retreats and holding space for all to heal and ascend is one of Rachael's highest excitements! There is an enchanting magic that happens when watching souls recognize their inner magnificence during the retreat and leaving totally aligned with their heart and connected to their soul...IT IS MAGICAL AF!✨

As a Galactic Translator with a purpose to serve & empower others out of unconditional love, Rachael encourages you to remember your infinite being within and start showing up as your Cosmic Self!

Are You Ready To Come Home To Your Cosmic Self?!


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