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Ascend To Your Highest Frequency & Leave Completely Transformed


Imagine a space where your wildest dreams are supported, encouraged and 100% available to you.


An experience full of love, gratitude, connection, soul expansion & transformation.


A place where your uniqueness is CELEBRATED & your truth is honored! 


Rachael Hilliard & Jill Kline invite you to experience the most powerful transformation portal of your life. 



September 29th- Oct 3rd, 2022

Sedona, Arizona


5 Day, 4 night Transformational Wellness Retreat, held in the world's greatest hotspot for healing & psychic energy.


Coined as "Spiritual Disneyland" by Rachael, the retreat center is 20 minutes from downtown Sedona, nestled within 10+ acres of sacred 5th dimensional land. This spiritual oasis is a MASSIVE ascension portal and offers ample time in nature to attune your nervous system and physical body to a frequency in total support of your highest vision & mission on Earth! 


The Chartres labyrinth (shown above) has 11 circuits with the center as the 12th step. Mastering the 12 levels of consciousness leads to completion of our journey. The labyrinth walker is the 13th element, bringing all levels into one. The walker transcends the consciousness of this reality and moves to a higher level of consciousness.

The Magic That Unfolds While Attending The Annual Sedona Retreat Is PALPABLE!..


This experience is for the soul ready to fully RECLAIM their multidimensional power, soul gifts & connection to self. The person who is meant to CREATE a huge impact on Earth! The one who has always felt like they were meant for something BIG. 


Sedona, is where it all began for Rachael and now one of her favorite places in the world!


The CATALYST to her journey of healing & reclamation of DEEP self-love.


The AMPLIFICATION of her soul gifts!


The AWARENESS of her Earthly mission & what it means to be a New Earth Leader. 


Rachael's Words:

"Every time I journey to Sedona, a new version of what it means to be is unveiled. The work I have done at Angel Valley has shifted the trajectory of my life EVERYTIME I return. This is the Quantum expressway I CHOOSE to enter year after year during the annual Sedona, Retreat. I can't promise you exactly what your transformation will look like, BUT I can promise you 100% that if you attend this experience you WILL leave a completely different version of yourself"


This transformational week we spend in Sedona together is a Vortex of ascension, healing, psychic calibration & pure joy!  


The Retreat Space 

Spirit Of The Heavens - Angel Valley, Sedona


Filled With Ascension Portals & Energy Vortexes

This awe-inspiring land is a true beauty, the peace and quiet, the pristine hillsides, the soothing creek, the pure air, the clear sky. There is nothing quiet like this 5th dimensional oasis!


There are the invisible power spots of the subtle energies on the land. Each one of them can be enjoyed as a spiritual tool in your process of exploring, healing and growing.


A place where your joy is the compass and expansion is the byproduct. 


This space acts as an internal cleanse, catalyst & supporting tool as you experience the rebirth of who you are. 


When YOU enter the AWAKENED portal you will: 


  • Clear your mind with meditation & mantra


  • Experience cellular healing through Reiki


  • Connect with your body through Kundalini yoga


  • Amplify your soul gifts through Akashic Attunement


  • Expand your consciousness through Breath Work


  • Deepen your connection to self through circle


  • Rejuvenate your physical body with Sound Healing


  • Heal through the connection of community with like hearted souls


  • Rediscover your sacred relationship to Mother Earth through nature


  • Tap into your quantum receiving channel through sacred manifestation practices


  • Turn up your magnetism to attract soul mate clients, money, opportunities, relationships all through Aura cleansing & expansion


  • Raise your vibrational frequency & learn how to integrate it into your everyday life 


  • Receive an EPIC retreat swag bag, full of goodies


AND so many surprises on the way!

It's time to fully express what it means to be you, like never before!

 Sample Of The AWAKENED Daily Flow


** REMEMBER this is a sample of the retreat itinerary. The official itinerary will be given closer to retreat date. **


Thursday, Sep 29th


3:00pm - 4:00pm ARRIVAL

Free Time & Exploring

Group Dinner

Welcome Ceremony

Free Time & Rest



Friday, Sep 30th


Group Breakfast

Kundalini Yoga (beginner flow)

Reiki Healing

Free Time & Exploring

Group Lunch

Soul Gift Teaching & Chat

Akashic Soul Gift Attunement

Group Share & Chat

Group Dinner

Free Time

Connection Circle & Mantra Healing

Group Labryinth Walk 



Saturday, October 1st


Group Breakfast

Qigong Movement

Shakti Meditation

Free Time & Exploring

Breath Work & Energy Healing

Group Lunch

Partner Meditation

Sound Healing & Reiki Journey

Group Dinner

Quantum Manifestation Circle

Group Labyrinth Walk



Sunday, October 2nd


Group Breakfast 

Kundalini Yoga (beginner flow)

Aura Cleansing & Expansion

Free Time & Exploring

Group Lunch

Rebirthing Ceremony

Reiki Healing 

Group Dinner 

Movement Circle

Closing Ceremony

Group Labyrinth Walk



Monday, October 3rd 


Group Breakfast

Free Time

Pack Up + Check Out 11:00am- 12:00pm



When You The AWAKENED Vortex within Angel Valley, you are LITERALLY transitioning from a 3 dimensional reality into a 5 dimensional experience! 


Watch the video below to catch the palpable energy transition while Rachael was driving on site! 


"I received so much more than I expected at the retreat! I feel like a whole new person and now people are reaching out to me to help them! Just so natural and attracting people."



"I was looking for soul family to connect with and to as well as search deeper within myself and I definitely accomplished both!"


"My self-confidence was definitely elevated! I feel comfortable with who I am and what I have been through in this lifetime."





We are so EXCITED to spend the week with you! Find the right package for you:



Returning Attendees Ask For Discount Code!

Pay In Full Bonus Includes:

  • Early Bird Access To Retreat Itinerary
  • Access To Live AWAKENED Mastermind Call Week Before Retreat.
  • Access To Live Q & A Call Following Retreat Week

Questions & Answers

All of the info is listed out below for you babe! 



Most would describe as a 🔥 SPICY Mentor, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual leader & Valkyrie Queen... but you can call me your AWAKENED bestie! 

For the past five years I have held a transformation retreat at Angel Valley in Sedona, Arizona! Filled with Kundalini, Breath Work, Meditation, Alchemy and so much more!

Each experience I have hosted has ABSOLUTELY altered my life in the most beautiful way. 

I am an alchemist at heart and LOVE holding space for others especially in retreat energy to do the deep work, rediscover who the F*** they are and RECLAIM that sacred power within. 

You can 100% bet that if you hang with me for any amount of time you are going to RADICALLY believe in yourself and... possibly aliens too haha! 


"Rachael and Jill, You both have walked with me in many phases of this lifetime and growth. I value and appreciate your guidance, support, and empowerment without a single ounce of judgment. You hold a space for us in a way that embraces the "I am" in each of us, encouraging us to trust and let go. I love you both oh so much!"

"Not only did I find myself completely at home (never wanting to leave!) I felt heard, seen, valued, and honored. I found a deeper connection to myself, my higher self, my souls purpose in this lifetime, and a true connection to my soul gifts"


Meet Jill!


Jill is an INCREDIBLE human, Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive! She offers Reiki and Energy wisdom to students and clients in the Dallas area. She has been sharing her gifts & teaching since 2004, and internationally since 2016.

With a focus on empowering individuals to trust the Life Force that flows through them, Jill guides people in recognizing the presence of their Spiritual Entourage (Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones Crossed Over) and teaches methods for communication.

As a Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist, she also helps clients understand the mind-body-spirit connection, helping them to find balance as Spiritual Beings having a human experience.